You are beautiful

When the sun shines brightly on your faded scars,
When the glass window mirrors your every step,
When the bright lights at night make you close your eyes,
Even when you fall off a step making yourself a fool,
You are Beautiful.

In every step of yours is a style of your own,
In every word you pronounce,
There is a touch of your own,
In the way you sign your name,
The slight gibberish you write,
There is something wonderful,
You are beautiful.

The way you brush your teeth,
While watching how your eyebrows curve in the mirror,
The way you Bob your head along with the music tune,
The way you wrinkle your nose when you dislike something,
Even in the way you watch a celebrity and drool,
You are Beautiful.

Nothing about you is ordinary,
Nothing about you needs to be changed,
Everything you have,
Is something unique in your own way,
You’re a galaxy full of various possibilities,
You are a Maths textbook from School,
Complicated and difficult,
But full of solutions,
You are Beautiful.

You are Beautiful,
Nobody needs to remind you that,
You are Beautiful,
In a way that is different from others,
You are Beautiful,
Even with your crooked teeth and acne face,
You are Beautiful,
Despite your color, sex and race,
You are beautiful,
Just as James Blunt sings,
You are Beautiful,
I hope you get it soon,
Because there won’t be anyone,
Just like you.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we just need to adjust our vision to see it.

Keep smiling☺

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  1. Lakshmi Ilanko · July 26, 2015

    That was really awesome…
    Fascinating language you use..


    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 26, 2015

      Thanks a lot Lakshmi. Glad you loved it😘


  2. aamir bombaywala · July 26, 2015

    Awesome one…

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 26, 2015

      Thank you☺


  3. casanovaboy99 · July 26, 2015


    Liked by 1 person

  4. mjjustin1 · July 26, 2015

    Ekdam jhakaas…

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 26, 2015

      Hehe thank you Justin😊


  5. Dhanashree · July 26, 2015

    Ekdam bhari bhidu


    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 27, 2015

      Thanks yaar😘


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