Like a crown

Each morning starts without a second thought,

It’s like the tears last night,

Didn’t stain the pillows.

The favourite songs,

The walks by the beach,

The places,

The memories,

All gone with the moon.

You’ve always loved the mild light of it,

But some things make you crave the bright sunlight.

It’s like that’s the only thing,

Bringing you relief.

You can fill your head,

With numerous thoughts in the day,

And go on like you’re fine.

But in the night,

The memories won’t let you forget,

They wait till you’re alone,

And make the sweet entrance into your mind.

During the day they seem to hide,

But in the night they come crashing down,

Like a wave crashing in pride,

Wearing your fears like a crown.

-Prajakta Dengale

Keep smilingšŸ˜Š


Second Chance

She opened her eyes,

The first time when she was born,

And the second,


As her mind was locked,

In the land of never ending dreams,

Away from reality,

Her soul wandered for an exit,

But her heart kept beating,

Even though they said she was half dead.

The tears in her parent’s eyes,

Told her,

That it has been a long time.

Her sister’s tight hug,

Though crushed her,

Made her feel safe.

She knew she was glad to be back,

Glad to have that one second chance,

But more than that,

She knew she was gonna make this one count.

-Prajakta Dengale

Keep smilingšŸ˜Š