Too often we forget life’s simplest pleasures,
We should know, life is full of treasures,
We got to enjoy every moment that comes our way,
Coz it’ll never always stay,
We need to face the challenges and accept them as a part of life,
Life’s unpredictable, but we can survive.

Accept what comes to you with open arms,
Don’t have expectations ,just be calm,
Accept what you deserve, but not what you don’t,
Take it all in and bring the best out of it,
Learn to accept ,not expect.
Expectations result in broken hearts,
Acceptance result in wise minds,
Expectations are often surrounded by disappointments,
Acceptance leaves back satisfaction.

When you go somewhere,
Things don’t work your way,
When you work so hard,
Still don’t get what you want,
But something is always better than nothing,
Someone is always better than no one,
Just take it in, whatever you get,
Don’t let it affect the goal you set.

Accept failure , accept victory,
Accept the challenges and you’ll be free,
Accept the good, accept the bad,
Accept the happy, and the sad,
Accept the best, accept the worst,
Accept the hunger, and the thirst,
Accept the beginning and the end,
Accept the things that cannot change,
Accept the storm, accept the rainbow,
Accept your darkness , and other’s colors.

Look at your crazy friend, giving you a goofy smile,
Even if you’re mad, accept him for a while,
Look at a child’s laughter and let him remind you how it was,
Only then, will the greatest love of all happen to you,
You’ll know its true,
Don’t hold on to what happened in the past,
Let go of the life you planned,
Accept what is waiting for you,
Only then will your dreams come true.

Sometimes its okay to deny,
After all denying is the first step to accepting the truth,
Sometimes its okay to be a question,
Just don’t be a question without answer,
You know, you can climb so high,
If you accept people and situations as they are, my friend this is not a lie.

Becoz too often we forget life’s simplest pleasures,
We ignore ,life’s all treasures,
When we finally enjoy everything coming our way,
We’ll know life’s unpredictable, but inevitable,
And still, you’ll stay.

– Prajakta Dengale

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Keep smiling 🙂

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As you’re sitting under the moonlight,
A blanket of stars around you, so bright,
Your mind wanders around,
What will it be like if you were somewhere else?
Somewhere, where it will be a new day?
Somewhere, where it will be a good pay?
Somewhere, where you’ll give your best?
Somewhere, where you won’t worry about the rest?

You are born this way,
You are meant to stay,
You need to let it out,
Anything that you keep thinking about,
You are here for a reason,
And its definitely not what you hate,
You have to do what you like,and that is gonna be your fate!

If you want to sing ,pour your heart out,
If you want to dance ,let the beat come down,
If you want to speak, rock them with your voice,
If you want to write, let your words be your disguise,
But don’t ever think, you have to do what you hate ,
Because if you do, that’s not your fate.

You don’t have to memorize your path, 
Let your feet take you where you want to go,
But, in your journey of finding yourself,
Don’t forget to enjoy all the show,
This glance ,my friend, is your last chance,
This moment ,is one of a kind,
So enjoy it and don’t mind.

Because you were born this way,
And you have to stay , 
So you just let it out,
As it was not what you thought it was about,
You’re finally doing what you don’t hate,
My dear, there it is, that’s your fate!

-Prajakta Dengale

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Keep smiling!

Jay Gurudev!

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Somebody’s Hero

There’s no ‘Once upon a time..’ in real lives,
Maybe no superheroes in disguise,
It’s about time we do what we dream,
Present moment is inevitable ,as it seems.

We all want to see that light in someone’s eyes when they are thankful to us,
We all want to shine so bright that the sun is ashamed,
We all want to be a superhero, coz its the new trend,
But don’t worry ,you are somebody’s hero, my friend.

When you helped the kid who ran into you,
The innocence in his eyes could bring anything come true,
You smiled at him and he smiled nervously, thinking “Not everyone is like him .You gotta stop to be a zero”.
And there ,my friend ,you became somebody’s hero.

Now you are walking down the street humming your favourite beat,
There comes a little girl asking for something to eat,
You dug in your pocket and give her the 50 rupees you were saving,
Cuz she looked hungry as her looks were saying,
She laughed happily and left you feeling like Robert De Niro,
And once again, my friend ,you became somebody’s hero.

When the time will come don’t be shy to help those in need,
Because if that’s not what human’s do, it’s something they should do, indeed,
At the end of the day when the sun will set and the stars will cover the sky ,in a while,
You will look up and smile.
We all should share the smile we borrowed,
Cuz one day you will be somebody’s hero.

-Prajakta Dengale


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   Keep smiling 🙂