They are not just a group of people,
But passionate souls.
Struggling to reach a dream,
A dream deeply engraved in their minds,
A dream which will surely come true.

Like a shinning knight their legacy will steal the show,
Blow the mind of every spectator,
It won’t just be fabulous,
But legendary.
For they are crazy freaks,
With a passionate soul,
And a vision to turn into reality.

They work together,
They party together,
They eat, drink and dance together,
For It’s not just an ATV, it’s a legacy,
It’s not just a team, it’s a family!

-Prajakta Dengale

This one’s for the fabulous people of Team Kraftwagen!

Race Victorious!😉



“Are you ever going to tell me?”
She asked while staring at him,
“No….” He shrugged.

She sighed,
She thought she deserved to know,
He thought it’s for her own good,
Both hid behind their tears.

In a way,
They just wanted to help each other,
Love each other,
In a world where no one can be trusted,
They just wanted to trust each other.

Although they both wanted the same thing,
They had different perspectives,
And maybe,
Just maybe…
That’s where it all went wrong.

-Prajakta Dengale

Keep smiling folks!☺