Her Diary

She wrote in her diary,
The words she’ll forget,
But they were so deeply imprinted on her soul,
Never to fade away.
The sleepless nights,
Were carved in black.
The tears and cries,
In grey.
Oh holy God,
Why didn’t you deny her?
This stupid fate.

She wrote in her diary,
People she knew.
The ones she loved,
The ones she envied.
The ones who cherished her,
Even the ones who forgot to.
Ink was smudged,
On places where tears fell.
There was a dried up coffee mark,
At the corner of the page.
That reminded her of the time,
The time she met him.
And filled those empty pages,
With possibilities,
And happily ever afters,
If only they could be true.

She wrote in her diary,
Places she’s been to,
Places she’s always wanted to go,
Food she ate,
Rebellious things she did,
That orange hair phase of hers,
Those blue lenses,
Books she’s read,
Her favourite quotes,
Everything she’s ever been.

She wrote in her diary,
Because she knew only words live forever,
She won’t,
She’ll only live forever,
In these pages.

-Prajakta Dengale

Something to start this Sunday with! Hope you guys like it!

Keep smiling!🙂


Just Wait

We all have been broken,

By something we love,

Our hearts are still frozen,

Waiting for that perfect match.

But lucky are those,

Whose hearts beat in rhythm.

The melody so sweet,

Oh so sweet.

We cling to their souls,

Like our life depends on it.

We sing to the ocean,

Like a mermaid will appear.

All the broken promises,

Will be repaired by the single one.

No cracks in your soul,

Will ever let the love out.

Every piece of you will be appreciated,

Every scar will be kissed,

Every moment will be missed,

Every smile will be counted as stars,

That day isn’t so far.

Don’t get upset for something that hasn’t found you yet,

Be happy and content,

The right moment will be here.

Sweeping you off your feet,

Making you blush at every step,

Only then will you be happy,

That you waited.

Prajakta Dengale

To all the single people! Don’t cry that you haven’t found the love of your life yet. He/She is probably around the corner. While waiting, watch Deadpool people! It’s probably the only best thing this Valentine’s😂

Keep smiling☺


I’m the  voice you hear,

When you’re about to do something exciting.

I’m the sweat on your forehead,

When you’re about to get caught.

I’m the rapid beating of your heart,

When you’re in the spotlight.

I’m the constant urge to crack your knuckles,

When you’re tensed.

I’m the judging opinion of people,

That you’re so scared of,

I’m inside your head,

I crawl into your heart late at night,

When you’re anxious and can’t breath.

I whisper into your ears,

The words you don’t want to hear,

I paralyse your body,

I make you feel everything,

I’m what you’re most afraid of,

I am you.

– Prajakta Dengale

This one is quite different from what I usually write.

Keep smiling!☺