Insanity comes at an age they say,
The young lady from the corner who curses at every passerby might disagree.
But then again her mother and father were both crazy, must run in the family.
Insanity seems like that crazy aunt everybody hates at family reunions.
She’ll poke her nose where it isn’t suppose to be and throw the food away,
Screaming at people ‘You’re the one with delusions!’

Maybe insanity is just a child of god who wandered a little further on the seashore,
The water welcomed her in and made love to her, they all thought, what a whore.
Insanity doesn’t care much about pride and honor,
But when everyone turned against her,
She had to seek revenge and take this task upon her.

She started creeping into the bedrooms of god’s favorite creation,
When he’ll be sleeping soundly, shoulders tired from lifting his worries like dumbbells,
She’ll crawl into his mind ready to cast her spells.

Insanity sings the songs no-one’s ever heard of,
She takes away boys because she isn’t that fond of love.
She loves walls and you, when you’re behind them,
She marks her love by giving us her favorite gems.

She gave them hope when everything broke in front of their red eyes,
She fed them with the truth she build, or were they just lies?
Hope is a 4 letter word with a 4 word meaning,
Hold On, Pain Ends
Or is it
Hold On Pain Ends?

The one with strong arms held to the pain till their very last breath,
Insanity doesn’t leave you alone, she cradles you in her arms,
As you welcome in death.

-Prajakta Dengale


Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time since we last talked. Hell, its been a long time since we shared glances. Ever since you left for dreamland, its been getting lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I like the space, but I am not used to being alone.

My friends, who were already a handful, have now reduced by one. I now read in silence, as nobody’s as stubborn as you and doesn’t want to read a book on their own. Although I do read to Nunzio sometimes. You remember Nunzio? He’s getting bigger, I can hardly lift him anymore. He misses you.

Tell me how things are for you? Did you find a new cafe to hangout at? How are the people? How’s work? Ugh, there’s so much to know! I really wished you’d call though. Mum’s been asking about you. Don’t worry, I told her you’re doing good, just busy. She misses you too, you know?

If we didn’t have a fall out, maybe you’d actually call sometime. Maybe you did call. Maybe the blank call I got at 2 in the morning was you. Or just some random drunk call. I guess I’ll never know. It’s fine, I understand. I hope you’re good. I hope the city’s treating you right. I’m writing today to let you know how things have changed ever since you left, but still somehow managed to stay the same. I do all the things that I did when you were around, its just not the same without you. I wish you the best and I just want you to know, I miss you.



The girl songs are written about

You know I always wondered who Cecilia was and who was the girl ‘Stairway to heaven’ was written about?
I always vision her as someone who wears yellow sundresses with a butterfly necklace,and walks down the road with a cute little footwear; with just the right amount of confidence that would just make you want to put your head down in shame.
While me on the other hand will trip 3 times before I can even reach home, wearing a black t-shirt and ripped jeans that I brought from the backyard sale.
She’s so graceful when she talks, her tongue rolls just enough to make words sound like melodies and her first hello to you would make you want to listen to her forever.
While I’m still struggling to talk to people so I just put my head down, and my words don’t come out right, hell, my letters are all messed-up. My R’s are a little rough and my Da’s need a brushing up, and it takes me a lot courage and caffeine to come up to you and say “hi”.
She’s very kind too, she’ll help you decide the correct dress or what Color goes with what and what books to read , what songs to listen to and what places to be at.
While I am still trying to figure that out on my own, let alone guide people about it.
She has really soft skin. The one without any scars on it, almost clear but with a beauty spot behind her earlobe which you’ll only notice when she ties her hair in a bun every time she’s working on something.
While I still have those scars on my knees from when I fell in 5th grade. And my hair used to be all over the place so I decided to cut it and ended up looking like a kid for almost a year.
She has the etiquette that everyone is so fond of, Like she’ll sip her drink in a way that somehow makes it look attractive. Her laugh is like music to ears. So beautiful, that you’ll willingly throw yourself down a flight of stairs just to make her laugh.
While I’m still cautiously trying not to spill my drink or choke on it, and not snort every time I see a funny picture of a dog being stuck somewhere on the internet.
She makes you wanna fall in love with her, and just be perfect. Because she is perfect. Or maybe she is not.
While I’m sitting in a room full of people who won’t bother looking at me twice, writing about someone who may or may not be real, and exists in a person’s imagination, like mine.
She may be an inspiration to many millennials who are struggling to find ‘the one’ or even find themselves.
She may or may not be perfect, just like me.
But just when I listen to Simon Garfunkel play Cecilia, I just wish I can be the girl songs are written about.

– Prajakta Dengale


She was a force herself,

Kind, fast and destructive,

All wrapped up under the burning surface that was her skin.

Her heart so huge it’s weight could crush you under it’s purpose that is love,

Her smile so bright you could see the light for days.

In the depth of her black eyes you could hide your deepest secrets,

Knowing once they get here, there’s no going out.

Her embrace so warm and safe,

It was like a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy night.

She would hold you till her arms bled out,

Till her soul slowly faded into darkness.

She’ll risk it all to give you a moment of relief,

She’ll give it all for it was all she knew.

The force was strong with this one,

For she was the force herself.
– Prajakta Dengale

Haldi Powder

“Careful! You’ll cut your hand.” She shouted from the other side of the room.

“I won’t, Mom. I’m not a kid anymore.” She shouted back.

You come home rarely and I don’t want you to hurt yourself and curse me for making you work.” Her mother replied.

It made her sigh and wince as blood poured out of her finger. 

Running came her mother, 

“I told you to be careful, leave it! Here, let me apply some haldi on it.”

The turmeric powder made the cut burn, but she had a warm smile on her face.

“This happens every time, doesn’t it?” 

“More than I can count.” Her mother held her finger tightly.

“Sorry about that ” she gave her a sheepish smile.

“Don’t be, that’s how you learn. And you may be old enough to do these things on your own, but for me you’re still a kid. And no matter how many times this happens, I’ll always be here with my haldi powder.” She smiled.

“I’ll try to be careful.” She said as she examined the cut.

“I know. Now go make me some tea. You guys are no good. I’ve to do all the work around here. When are you going to wake up? Blah blah”

She laughed and got up. Diwali isn’t complete without this.

Mothers do almost all the work in any household, they are always there with their instant solutions and haldi powder. It’s their solution for almost anything. Don’t take them for granted. This festive season let’s do something that’ll make our mother’s proud. 

A very happy Diwali to all of you!! I hope this festive season is filled with lights, sweets, and joy!

Keep smiling! 😊


I was running in circles,

Or maybe I was stuck on the same path,

I don’t know for sure;

But then you decided to cross paths,

And I was still at the same place,

With you by my side.

We missed the end,

So we chased forever;

Blindly kept going on,

There were glass shards on the way,

And my feet bled.

I kept going on,

You left.

Now I’ve my feet to look after,

Coz they are the only one’s that could help me go on,

So I’m leaving without saying goodbye,

I’m leaving without looking back,

Call me a coward,

But for the first time,

In a very long time,

I feel brave.
– Prajakta Dengale

I’ll be here

​Do you wanna go to a land where there’s no one but you and me?

Or do you wanna hide behind these walls and be free?

No matter what you choose,

I’ll be right here.
Is it the sunlight that your skin craves?

Or is it the darkness and what hides in the graves?

No matter what you choose,

I’ll be here.
I’ve left before,

And I’m not going to anymore.

I failed you once,

My ghost still lingered around,

Haunting you in the daylight;

I can’t apologize enough.

If forever holds true,

Or the whispers are new,

I’ll still be right here,

I’ll be here,

Till you say goodbye.
– Prajakta Dengale

I don’t know how many of you are Twilight fans, but I had a big thing for it a couple of years ago and this one’s actually inspired from when Edward leaves Bella and comes back. 

Have a great weekend!

Keep smiling!😊


“How do you know a person?” He asked staring at her brown eyes.

She smiled before replying,

“By everything they do.”

“Everything?” He was confused.

“Yes, everything. By how he doodles at the top corner of the page when he’s bored. How he taps his foot when his favorite song is playing. By the rhythm of his heartbeat when he’s sound asleep. By the straight line between his eyebrows when he’s confused. By the long sigh he gives when he finishes a book. By the way he rolls his sleeves up. By the amount of sugar he takes in his tea. The song he only listens till his favorite lyric. The little notes he leaves for people to read. The scratching of his neck whenever he’s nervous. The way he hugs his pets when he returns home. The way he stares. Everything. You don’t know a person just by their name or where they’ve come from. You know a person by all the little things they do which separates them from everyone. It’s not just their identity that interests you, it’s their soul.”

-Prajakta Dengale

Just something for this rainy night…

Keep smiling😉


They are not just a group of people,
But passionate souls.
Struggling to reach a dream,
A dream deeply engraved in their minds,
A dream which will surely come true.

Like a shinning knight their legacy will steal the show,
Blow the mind of every spectator,
It won’t just be fabulous,
But legendary.
For they are crazy freaks,
With a passionate soul,
And a vision to turn into reality.

They work together,
They party together,
They eat, drink and dance together,
For It’s not just an ATV, it’s a legacy,
It’s not just a team, it’s a family!

-Prajakta Dengale

This one’s for the fabulous people of Team Kraftwagen!

Race Victorious!😉


“Are you ever going to tell me?”
She asked while staring at him,
“No….” He shrugged.

She sighed,
She thought she deserved to know,
He thought it’s for her own good,
Both hid behind their tears.

In a way,
They just wanted to help each other,
Love each other,
In a world where no one can be trusted,
They just wanted to trust each other.

Although they both wanted the same thing,
They had different perspectives,
And maybe,
Just maybe…
That’s where it all went wrong.

-Prajakta Dengale

Keep smiling folks!☺