Broken Bottles

Rain pouring down the sky is just a reminder,
Of how a clouded mind cries.
It takes me back to the days when
Waiting in the hotel lobby seemed never-ending,
I started leaving my watch at home
In the purple box that you gave me
On the cold night of my birthday
Where we ate vanilla ice cream next to the bar;
Surrounded by broken Bottles
You asked me to watch where I step
I thought I did.

– Prajakta Dengale


Nothing at all

You say I hold the stars
Under the eyelashes I bat at you,
You say I carry your heart
Tucked under the layers I wear
Whenever I’m cold,
You say my laughter captures you
In a maze I built inside our empire,
We own nothing when we come
And shall own nothing when we go
You say I’m the queen
Of nothing at all,
And somehow
That’s everything.

– Prajakta Dengale


And all of a sudden the flowers
Will bloom into no other but,
Life will give you whatever you need
You realise the voices
And scream into one other
You wish for the day you’ll be freed.
Everything is green
Every eye has seen
You’ll be
What you’ve always been.

– Prajakta Dengale

Remember me

Remember me as the cold night
When I sat across from you
Shivering in the outdoor restaurant you chose
For our very first date
You only grinned before offering me your jacket;
That still hangs in my closet
Keeping my house warm.

Remember me as the water that reflected the light one afternoon
We were lying on the grass by the river;
And you said, “I love this”
“This?”, I asked
“Everything”, you replied.

Remember me as the leaves that dripped water when we stood under the tree
Taking shelter from the rain
And you ruffled my hair;
Loving the drenched look I styled
Like a fool.

Remember me as the wind that blew my hair off my face
Showing off the scar on my ear
That looks like a tiny fish hook;
And you loved those gold earrings
I wore on every Sunday.

Remember me as the green sweater
I wore on winter mornings
And you scribbled a heart;
Under the sleeve
Saying that’s where I carry mine.

Remember me as the sand on that white beach
The one we visited last summer
Tiny grains slipped from the gaps between my fingers;
Just like you did.

Remember me as everything wild
And I’ll always be there…
As if you never left
Remember me as everything wild…

– Prajakta Dengale

We see you

We see you. You, yes you. We see you from the moment you introduce yourself offering your hand for a shake giving away only half of your name, afraid we might get on to you? Those milliseconds all we could think is how to get out of that filthy claw hold of yours.

We see you when you lean forward as an excuse to talk to us and your eyes shift quickly between our chest and our face. You think we don’t notice your tiny eyes and the way we are reflected in that blurry vision you carry in your head? We could scoop your eyes out with a spoon like ice cream and those tiny bastards would still stare at us.

We see you from the rear-view mirror how you shift between seats so our thighs touch together, and we have to wear a jacket as if we’re cold, but all we wish is to take a ice knife and insert it where it hurts the most.

We see you on the bus when you shamelessly stare at us seating next to you and raise your eyebrows as if you’re impressed by what you see. If only we could set fire to your bushes.

We see you when you raise your phone higher to take a selfie and ask us to smile only to take 5 more because you thought our smile wasn’t real. Your rotten stench is crowding in our mind and we’d chomp off all your limbs one after another, but we don’t.

We see you everywhere you go, doing everything you do.

We see you and you see us. We wish you didn’t.

– Prajakta Dengale

Love letters to the voice

Here in the psych ward,
My residence for the past 6 months;
Ever since I was bored,
Dreams are called the 11th dimension.
One where puzzles fall out of the sky,
Where words flower on the taste buds of creatures who buried them,
Others just stick to each other like chewing gum.
Where anything can exist as long as it can be imagined,
So many here are just fractions of the imagination that has been abandoned.

A few here,
Don’t know the difference between lucidity and muddled visions,
They’ll eat scrambled eggs for breakfast because they fear to live with the wrong decisions.

You’ll notice their painted veins,
How blood changes color midway,
As if obeying their complains,
Complains that never come out of their mouth,
Always stuck in their airway.

But some of them let loose on nights like these,
You pat their head and they’ll talk like the breeze.
They don’t like to go to sleep,
In the fear of never waking up.
So they scratch their scalp and bleed them fingers,
Writing love letters to the voice they hear,
Asking for its forgiveness,
As their heavy eyes can’t hold on any longer,
They close in the middle of writing as they weep,
‘Please don’t let me fall asleep’.

– Prajakta Dengale

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Horizons don’t seem that far away
When they are being looked at
With a handsome devil by our side
And chocolate is only a sweet treat for the kids
Wednesday ladies night offers a safety blanket at the entrance
And the last bite is not going to make a difference.

Poems offer condolences when they are written on a white paper
And mailed from far away
The shoes that fit me last year
Don’t make my feet hurt at all
And when he rubs his eyes in the morning
I don’t fall, not at all.

The universe believes in balance
So when the scales tip away from me
I’ll have to come up with a new plan
One that includes me wiping my own tears

But I love romantic comedies
Because horror movies are only to be seen
At night
With the monster under my bed

The waiter won’t spit in my food
I gave him the extra tip
After throwing my drink
In his face

The guy will call me the next day
I let him do things
He looked like he loved them

I’ve 3 friends on speed dial
Late night drunk calls aren’t lame
My hair isn’t frizzy
They are however
Hard to tame

I would be more
In a different skin
In a different era
At a different time

This doesn’t suck
It is exactly how it should be
And maybe I will never slice my wrists like her
How can I let people go through the trauma?
They’ll be devasted.

Prajakta Dengale

Tiny Guys

‘Everything you can imagine is real’

Pablo Picasso

|Tiny Guys|

Tiny dreams trapped in a wooden box with a ballerina on it
Knock on the lids
Praying to be led out
As they struggle a little bit.

There exists a universe in all of them
But multiverses only peak at us
From a science fiction novel.

We all share the same genes
From the beginning of time
And there’s something about the way
These tiny rascals move
That they somehow intersect at a point.

Its like they get warm when they find a lonely soul
Moving around galaxies
Making white noise
So you’ll almost miss them
But there’s always a familiar garden nearby
With roses and tulips
Tea and English biscuits for the old guy.

There’s a door
That changes color with the place
Or mood
It doesn’t have a key
But opens when someone needs to go.

These tiny guys use the door
To reach their destination
Between crippled fears and tear-stained truths
They sometimes tarradiddle with the path
Only to get to the other side.

There’s something weird about
how each of us
And each of these dreams
Are connected
As if
They all yearn for the same thing.

Prajakta Dengale



Insanity comes at an age they say,
The young lady from the corner who curses at every passerby might disagree.
But then again her mother and father were both crazy, must run in the family.
Insanity seems like that crazy aunt everybody hates at family reunions.
She’ll poke her nose where it isn’t suppose to be and throw the food away,
Screaming at people ‘You’re the one with delusions!’

Maybe insanity is just a child of god who wandered a little further on the seashore,
The water welcomed her in and made love to her, they all thought, what a whore.
Insanity doesn’t care much about pride and honor,
But when everyone turned against her,
She had to seek revenge and take this task upon her.

She started creeping into the bedrooms of god’s favorite creation,
When he’ll be sleeping soundly, shoulders tired from lifting his worries like dumbbells,
She’ll crawl into his mind ready to cast her spells.

Insanity sings the songs no-one’s ever heard of,
She takes away boys because she isn’t that fond of love.
She loves walls and you, when you’re behind them,
She marks her love by giving us her favorite gems.

She gave them hope when everything broke in front of their red eyes,
She fed them with the truth she build, or were they just lies?
Hope is a 4 letter word with a 4 word meaning,
Hold On, Pain Ends
Or is it
Hold On Pain Ends?

The one with strong arms held to the pain till their very last breath,
Insanity doesn’t leave you alone, she cradles you in her arms,
As you welcome in death.

-Prajakta Dengale

5 tips to have a Healthy Heart

That lump of flesh,
Beating in your cage of bones,
Which is sometimes fragile,
And the other times deafening with its rapid beating,
Is your heart.
So here are 5 tips to keep it healthy, besides eating right and exercising, of course:

One: Fill it

Fill it with everything,
Fill it with every beautiful thing you can lay your eyes on,
Fill it with the love you’ve always yearn for,
Fill it with your dreams,
As stupid as they may seem,
And the inspiration to make them true.
Fill it with sorrow,
For sometimes it needs to break a little to let the pain out,
Fill it with care,
You don’t want something,
That you cannot bare.

Two: Surrender it

Surrender it to anyone that makes you skip a beat,
Surrender it to the things that you find peace in,
Surrender it to the world,
Surrender it to the feelings,
Carry it on your sleeve,                                                                                                                    And give pieces of it away like candy on Halloween.
Surrender it to the idea,
That every time you give a tiny piece of your heart away,
It’s always going to be loved,
For it will be a part of them,
Even if they don’t know it themselves.

Three: Cherish it

Cherish the accelerating heartbeats from when you’re nervous,
Cherish the warmth spread in your veins on a cold night,
Cherish the pain it has once suffered,
And cherish the love it will deserve,
Cherish every single beat,
Every heartbreak,
And every heart failure,
For even after each of those,
It never stopped beating.

Four: Set it free

Set it free from the rules you made yourself,
Set it free into the rain,
And let it dance every once in a while,
Set it free to make those stupid decisions,
And don’t regret them.
Set it free into the world full of hatred,
For maybe that tiny heart of yours,
Could add to the love.

Five: Care for it

Care for it when it hides in your ribcage,
Afraid to be out again.
Care for it when it’s shattered on the ground at 3 in the morning,
Care for it when it aches for love it never got,
Care for every single time it surrenders,
Surrenders to the wishes of the world,
Care for it as if you’d care for the most precious thing on earth,
For without it,
There’s no you.

– Prajakta Dengale