Start Anew

Have you ever felt alone, even when you’re surrounded by people?
Have you ever felt like crying, but you end up smiling instead?
Have you ever wanted to scream into the pillow at night, but feared you’ll wake someone up?
Have you ever crushed something in your hands, exactly like your heart was being crushed?
Have you ever felt lost, even though you were at the right place?
Have you ever felt like you’re not yourself anymore?

Maybe its the way life is,
You have company yet you are alone,
People leave you, yet you smile,
You are where you are supposed to be,
Yet you wanna be somewhere else,
That doesn’t mean you’re troubled or broken,
Betrayal hurts,
A broken heart hurts,
A stupid fight hurts,
But nothing hurts more than telling yourself “Its fine. Your fine.”,
Sometimes you want to let go,
Surrender perhaps,
But you don’t,
Because you’re stronger than that,
You can overcome any problem.

As furious as you can get,
Don’t ever let it bring you down,
Be kind,
Even when nobody is,
You’re young and probably been hurt a lot,
Maybe you’ve grown wiser,
But inside your still hurting,
Its just that you don’t show,
For reasons unknown,
Or maybe because you don’t want anybody to know you’re hurting,
For that I’ll say ” You’re strong”,
For that I’ll say “I’m proud”,
But I’ll also say “I’m sorry”,
I’ll say “I’m sorry you had to go through it alone”,

But I understand,
Somebody else does too,
You’re not the only one suffering,
If you look clearly,
The people smiling brightest still have the tears in the corner of their eyes,
The people acting like they don’t care,
Have a heart ,deep within which they do care,
Everybody matters,
Not to you perhaps,
But to someone,
Maybe you could be that someone to somebody,
Maybe there’s one out there for you too.

No matter how hard it gets,
You know it gets hard,
Don’t let go,
People hurt us,
Its their thing,
Don’t let them change the person that you are,
Don’t let a bad experience take it all away from you,
Scratch everything,
Hit delete,
Start fresh ,
Start anew.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: JUST HOLD ON

Keep smiling 🙂

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When we make stupid jokes,
And the time we laugh,
All the fights ,all the pokes,
It never is enough,
When we yell at each other,
For the sake of fun,
Its like we are always better,
Than the shining sun.

I don’t know if we met for a reason,
I just hope we don’t set fire to hell,
I don’t know if we’ll stay in touch,
Surely I’ll miss the time we yelled,
But I don’t wanna know if we’ll ever go away,
We are meant to stay,
I hope this never ends,
I hope we’ll always be friends.

When we gossiped all day,
When we visited places,
When we did good things,
When we messed up,
We’ll keep blaming the other,
But we know when to defend
When I look at you,
And you look at me,
That goofy smile,
Takes me through thick and thin,
I don’t ever want to lose that,
I don’t ever wanna have to choose that,
No matter how far we are,
We’ll always stay near .

I don’t know if we met for a reason,
I don’t know if we’ll stay in touch,
But I don’t ever wanna let this go,
I hope this never ends,
I hope we are always friends.

I know when I’ll be down,
You’ll be sitting right next to me,
We’ll look at each other,
And burst out laughing,
Saying “how did we even manage to be?”,
That’s the time when I’ll know this will never end,
Coz we’ll always be friends.

So I don’t have to know if we met for a reason,
I don’t care if we set fire to hell,
I just know I’m never losing touch,
I’ll never let this go away,
I know this will never end,
I know,
We’ll always be friends.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Friend’s are the reason we have that smile. Never let go of them.

Keep smiling 🙂

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These words you speak,
They are your everything,
They are your voice ,
Your silence,
Your grace,
Your embrace,
Your happiness,
Your sadness,
Your noise,
Your disguise,

Sometimes words cut deeper than a sword,
Sometimes words can heal better than a nurse,
Sometimes words are all you got,
Sometimes words can’t describe your feeling,
Sometimes words can be very revealing.

Its the choice you made ,
Whether that be good or bad,
It’s the way you say them,
Which will get you respect,
It’s the tone of them,
That will show your mood,
Its the sound of them,
That’ll echo in the head.

These words can hurt somebody you care about,
These words are just an expression,
These words can be somebody’s saviour,
They can be the reason someone didn’t survive.

Sometimes all we need is to hear words of gratitude,
But the world today is full of ego and attitude,
We often speak without thinking,
And regret all we said in the end,
We often don’t think they’ll harm anyone,
But we are wrong,
Oh we are so wrong,
These words are sharp as a knife,
Poisonous as a Snake’s bite,
Clear as water,
And pure as child’s laughter.

The words said in the past,
Can still hurt in the future,
That’s why be a little careful my friend,
It’s a trap you don’t want to get into,
So think before you speak,
Because these words can make you strong as well as weak,
These words,
Can be your everything.

– Prajakta Dengale.

Writer’s note – Use your words wisely. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Keep smiling 🙂

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We all have been there,
We all have been hurt,
We all have scratched a part,
Which we thought will never heal.

May it be a scratch from the time you fell while playing,
May it be a broken heart from a relationship failing,
May it be a cut from the blade on your wrist,
May it be an accidental twist.

There comes a time in life,
When you don’t wanna wake up,
The cold seems to hold you down,
The emptiness in your heart,
The hurt deep down in your eyes,
Is it ever gonna end?
Is it ever gonna be okay?

The agony you carry within yourself,
The pain in your veins,
Freezes the blood in you,
You feel like you don’t deserve love,
But these wounds will heal,
They’ll say goodbye,
Only the scars will remain,
To let you know what you’ve been through,
The scars will remain,
As a proof that you’re alive.

You’ll hide in your room,
You’ll draw your knees inside and cry,
You’ll collapse,
You’ll be too weak to fly,
You’ll look at the scars ,
Think of the time you got them,
You’re heart will ache again,
Its okay, it’ll fade away,its pain,
These scars will stay or fade away,
They’ll always take you back in time,
These scars are not sins,
Its a proof of you being alive.

Someday you are gonna realize,
What you’ve been through just made you stronger,
Someday you’re gonna be fine,
Coz what you survived just made you wiser,

These scars will or will not fade away,
These scars will shine in the day,
Sometimes even they’ll say,
I’m proof you’re alive.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note – Don’t let your scars take away your smile.

Keep Smiling 🙂

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Fairy tales

Fairytales! Ah, half of our childhood was consumed with watching/reading Cinderella being treated as shit by her stepmother. Or Snow White eating the poisoned apple ,and thinking ‘No! Don’t eat that! Didn’t your parents ever teach you, not to eat anything strangers give you?’ (Yeah that was me) Mostly, we all girls want our own fairytale. We want a prince charming in his shiny armour, riding his royal white horse, who’ll come and sweep you off your feet. But, if you’re not a princess, you don’t deserve a prince, right?
     Fairy tales give us an idea of life that we can only wish was true. They tell us life is full of happy endings, Prince charming, damsel in distress and things that are not true in real life. Maybe that’s why they are called ‘Fairy tales’, and not ‘Real tales’. Fairy tales are reel, not real. They are good for children, because they don’t need to know how exactly real life can turn out to be. Children are innocent, and so are some of the fairy tales .
    They don’t only teach us happy endings, royalties and castles. There is more in them than what comes to our eyes. For example, Cinderella is not about Prince Charming finding his damsel in distress and living happily ever after. Cinderella was treated unfairly and unkindly, but her decision to remain kind and thoughtful was eventually rewarded. I mean, come on, she got her Prince Charming and a possibility of happily ever after. We could at least get a better life out of it, if we be kind too. Believe me, if not anything, it will at least live back a feeling of satisfaction within you.
      Then there is The Little Mermaid, Ariel. This cute little red headed mermaid was my dream character when I was a kid. The tale of Ariel ,like most of the other fairy tales, ends with her getting her prince and happy ending. But she also shows bravery. She always had an urge for trying new things that were far outside her reach. Doing things outside our comfort zone can be hard. We humans create our own cocoon, also called as our ‘safe zone’. And doing something outside of it, can be hard, very hard. Ariel teaches us to try new things and venture outside our comfort zone once in a while. Although it can be scary, in the end it will make you proud of yourself and create new extended limits.
   I think Little Red Riding Hood was one of the first tale we heard. This one do not consist of a prince charming (sadly) but it teaches us the importance of being careful, whom to trust, as well as to think critically. And in this modern era, where people as well as society are changing drastically everyday, it is very important whom we trust. It shows us the way to deal with people, society and not end up being shattered.
   Fairy tales, which are mostly about things that usually don’t happen in reality can teach us one important lesson that can help us through thick and thin. No matter how bad the situation is, it always gets better in the end. Some may disagree with this, but its true. Even a minute ,microscopic thing can be better. You’ll notice the change. You know how its said ‘Everything gets better in the end. If it doesn’t, it’s not the end’.
   So don’t be sad that you’re not/you don’t have a prince or princess and so you won’t have a fairy tale. We can always write our story and turn it into our own tale.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Tried something new! Hope you guys liked it. If you did, comment, share , like, follow.
  I love reading your comments.

Keep smiling 🙂

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