These Roads

Seems like forever when its only been a year,
The first time I left home for my career,
The dream I had,
Was too big for a small town,
So I had to spread my wings and take my first flight,
In the hopes of having a safe landing,
These roads are what took me there,
Because before you sing,
You have to learn to talk,
Because before you fly,
You have to learn to walk.

No matter how nauseous these roads made me,
It always felt good to be where I was going,
Because where ever it was,
It was worth of the while,
It was worth of the smile,
May it be my destination or a stop,
May it be home or someplace else,
These roads always reminded there was someplace new to explore,
There never is an end,
Because these roads are endless,
Just like our dreams.

All the photographs taken,
All the corners explored,
All the places visited,
Reminds us,
There’s always something new every time you see,
But also the roads to home which are so deep in our memory,
The roads where we’ll always find our way back home,
Are always the favorite ones.

So here I am travelling once again,
Passing by the signs I see every time I’m here,
Listening to Black Widow for the 5th time,
Thinking about the things I’ll be doing when I finally get home,
Because the people whom I love are waiting for me,
And I can’t be more happy.

Coz these roads will take me where I want to go,
Coz these roads will always be my path,
And these roads are what I trust more,
These roads,
Take me home.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note:- Never forget where you come from and where you are going.

Keep smiling 🙂

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The time you lived

Sometimes everything seems to fall right in places,
Sometimes it takes a while for that to happen,
Sometimes having everything doesn’t make you happy,
Sometimes even a tiny thing makes you laugh.

Maybe the worst thing always comes to us for free,
Maybe its the better things that need work,
Sometimes you can just let the things be,
Even leave it out on luck.

But just like in fairy tales,
There will be a happy ending,
Maybe not an ‘ending’ but a middle something,
Accepting everything coming your way can help,
You’ll learn to deal with it,
Making no promises to yourself can help,
Just live in the moment.
See everything,
Experience it,
Let your lungs be filled with the air you’ll never breath again,
Memorize it,
You’ll see it all in your dreams again,
Maybe tonight or some other time when your napping,
Or when you’ll just close your eyes,
Remembering the time you lived.

We see other’s lives and compare our’s to them,
Our heart sinks a little,
When we realize all the things they got,
But being ungrateful won’t bring it all to you,
Being sad won’t make everything come true.

Its the small things that makes your life complete and theirs incomplete,
So enjoy every single one,
Maybe they’ll be gone someday,
And it’ll all be a memory,
For when you close your eyes,
Remembering the time you lived.

Every single celebration we have,
Marks as something we have achieved,
Every single victory we have,
Defines that you worked,
Every single failure we have,
Teaches us something new,
As every single second passes by,
Never to come back again,
We know,
Now is the time to live,
Now is the time to start again,
Now is the time to laugh, cry and do what we feel like,
Because it all will be a memory,
For when you close your eyes,
Remembering the time you lived.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note:-  Live, Laugh and Love!

Keep smiling 🙂

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