What you deserve

You spend your nights wondering,
Is love really as beautiful as it seems,
You spend your day admiring,
The love people share in between,
The voice in your head wishes the same,
The tears in your eyes cries for it,
But let me tell you,
What you deserve is far more beautiful,
What you have is just taking you there,
What you want is great imagination,
What you’ll get will be far more better than this.

The way you’ve been treated in the past,
Is not what you asked for,
And not what you deserved,
It happened and it wasn’t your fault,
But the past is gone,
Now you should move along,
Let me remind you,
What you deserve is kindness,
What you have is a broken heart,
What you want is someone to soothe the pain,
What you’ll get will be far more better than this.

I know its hard,
You’ve been bruised,
Maybe abused,
But still you are standing strong,
And I’ll be here for you as long you keep moving on.

Because what you deserve is everything,
What you have is a part of it,
What you want is a better tomorrow,
What you’ll get will be far more better than this.

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: This is to all the people who think they don’t deserve better, but they do. Don’t lose hope.

Keep smiling!☺

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Talk to me

I know you’ve had a bad day,
No reason to smile,
It’s been a while,
Since I’ve seen you this way,
Hey you can talk to me,
I say this coz I got all the time,
And hey no need to be shy,
I won’t let you go down without a fight,

The world doesn’t end when your path is blocked,
There’s still enough time to go around the clock,
And maybe when you find yourself in trouble,
Just give me a call,
I’d be glad to be your double.
Hey so come on you can talk to me,
I say this coz I got all the time,
And hey no need to stutter,
I know I can help even though I don’t know better.

You’ve been hurt,
No don’t hide it,
Let my words,
Heal your wounds,
Then you can decide it,
So hey you can talk to me,
I say this coz I got all the time,
And hey you gotta give this a shot,
Even though I know this is a lot to take in.

I know you’re a warrior,
But sometimes you gotta let your armour down,
I know you’re a fighter,
But this time lets just sit and talk,
So hey just talk to me,
I say this coz I got all the time,
And hey I know I can understand,
Even if I don’t,
It’s worth the try.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: This one is from a friend, parent, partner, sibling or just someone you know, to the one who needs someone who can listen to him/her.
Short one but I hope you guys like it.

Keep smiling penguins!☺

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I was in fourth grade when I first wrote a relatable sentence, “Life is like a candle”. And after 9 years, when I look back at it, I realize it’s stupid. Regardless of the fact that my then 8 year old self considered that the burning candle symbolizes life and when it’s blown off it means death, it doesn’t make sense to me anymore. But the reason that I do remember this particular incident is because I struggled for days to come up with something that can be relatable. For me it was a challenge, and even today when I’m writing this article, it’s a challenge.

Everybody struggles with something or the other. May it be a subject they are trying to score in, or a job thing they are trying to finish before the deadline, may it be an artist trying to come up with new ideas, or even someone trying not to contact that one person who once meant everything to you. These small struggles are challenges themselves. If we think about it even staying alive is a challenge. Yes, it takes efforts to not accidently kill yourself. (Clumsy people will know) But jokes apart, what I’m trying to say is, challenges are a part of our life, and avoiding them is not a solution. Maybe if we learn to accept the challenges and face them, we might break our inner walls which have been holding us down this long. Maybe in the process of winning the challenge, you might overcome an issue within yourself that you never had the courage to face. We all live in our own bubble; it’s our territory, our ‘safe zone’. But once in a while, it’s better to see beyond the walls of our bubble and try and break them.

If you come to think of it, challenges exist because of the insecurity we have. If we are confident enough to perform any activity with ease, will it be considered as a challenge? No! It will be just a walk in the park. It is called a challenge just because deep inside, you fear you won’t succeed. But if you don’t give it a shot, you’ll never know. So accept any challenge not because you want to inflate your ego by winning, or don’t want others to think that you’re a chicken, but because you want to test yourself and overcome the fear by facing it. It’s the only way you can feel satisfied that you at least tried.

Everything we want to achieve in life is a challenge. And let’s be honest here, if it wasn’t a challenge, life won’t be worth living. These little ups and downs are what make life interesting and amazing. You know, the more we struggle to overcome a particular challenge, the more permanent of a memory it is in the back of our mind. So when we come across another problem, we can just look back and realize that if can overcome that in the past, we can break down this problem too.

I read these lines the other day, and found them quite inspiring:

Smooth roads never make good drivers,
Stills seas never make good sailors,
Clear skies never make good pilots,
Problem and hassle free life never makes a strong person,
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life,
Instead of asking “Why me?” say “Try me!”
Author- Unknown

So I don’t know if life is just like a candle or not, but I do know that it’s full of challenges, jig-saw puzzles, walk in the parks, child’s play and more. And the only way to live our life to fullest is to go through it all.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note:
Hello! This is another idea given by a friend, I hope I did justice to this one. If you guys like it, don’t forget to like, comment, share and reblog!
Have a great day!

Keep smiling☺

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It is quite surprising when people look at a particular person who loves doing something that he/she does and say “He/She is the lucky one! She/he gets to do something they are really passionate about!” Well is it really what bothers you? They found what they are passionate about and decided to embrace it. You, on the other hand are bound by some invisible restrictions which you can’t even speak of. So maybe those doing something are not what makes you sweat about it; it’s you not being able to do what you really love.

If you ever notice a person talking about something they are really passionate about, you’ll see how their eyes sparkle by just the mention of it. How they never seem to lack words when they are talking about it. How they’ll never get enough of talking about it. And how they’ll tell you a hundred times that they enjoy doing it. It’s just the kind of magic that ‘special thing’ has on us. The pull of it is so strong; you just need to let it pull yourself towards it, embrace it and let yourself drown in it.

There is always that ‘special thing’ that you love from the bottom of your heart. May it be something you do in your free time or something you always wanted to do; but just imagine the joy of being paid to do something you love! Fascinating, isn’t it?

But life is not always in our favor. Some of us are not lucky enough to do what we love for a living. Just consider this example; if a man loves eating, he is a passionate foodie. But he can’t expect to get paid for eating. That’s insane and well; impossible. But doesn’t mean he should stop eating. (And I’m saying this regardless of the fact that humans require food for survival. Let’s just concentrate on his passion.) Just because you can’t do what you are passionate about, doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. Some are bound by an invisible thread that doesn’t let them embrace their ‘special thing’. Everyone has to be passionate about something that’s what makes your life a better place to live. But there are some who don’t know what it really is, or they are yet to find it. That’s why while achieving greater successes some might find themselves in such a limbo where they’re still not sure whether this makes them happy. That’s something you can’t argue about. But you know, life is really short, and living it doing something you don’t like is just not living it at all. Even if due to some circumstances you can’t do it, try to embrace it in your free time, as a hobby or an activity. Let that time be your ‘me time’. Life is not about all the stuff that you couldn’t do, it’s about what you do.

Now is the time to do it right. Now is the time to start living again. Now is the time to find out what your passion is and embrace it. Because believe it or not in the mere future when you would kill for a chance to do it all over again, you won’t get that chance. And regretting it then won’t be an answer.

So maybe you should do what you love or love what you do. Or rather just find what you love and try to embrace it. If anything, it will just make your life a whole lot better. Isn’t that what the whole purpose of living is?

Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Extremely sorry for not being able to post last week, hope this one makes up for it.
I actually asked a friend for an idea and he came up with this, if you don’t like it, contact me, so we can beat the shit out of him. Just kidding, he’s pretty cool!😂😜
To all the silent mysterious readers, please come out and comment what you think about my posts. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say.

Keep smiling☺

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