Story of a Boy

All my life,
All that I knew,
Was to rebel my way through,
All I did,
Was nothing about anything,
Maybe that’s why,
I felt like a lion in a jungle,
But maybe deep inside,
I have been a sheep in a herd,
My world was black and white,
And I doubted it will ever change.

Soon I came across you,
And you were a game changer,
You laughed in the rain,
While I just stood there,
You adored the sun,
The one I envied,
You said I was impossible,
And I believed you,
Smirked at you,
And you smiled,
That shook something,
Inside me,
My world slowly started changing into colors,
It was you at first,
Then the trees, the daisies, the roses,
It was rather hilarious,
As I had stopped feeling,
A long time ago,
And doubted it will ever change.

But you found it hilarious too,
You said it was like,
The angel and devil had tea together,
Maybe that’s where it all went down,
I knew I was the bad guy,
But you pointing it out just made it obvious,
To save you from the trouble,
I decided to walk by,
Leaving you in disgrace,
But just as I had started to feel,
Everything went back to the way it was,
You were back to dancing in the rain,
And I was back to just standing there,
And this time again,
I doubt it will ever change.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Each story has two sides.

Keep smiling!☺

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Story of a Girl

All my life,
All I did,
Was just move around,
In the wind,
I was the daisy
In the garden,
But I wanted to be a rose,
I was a cloud in the sky,
But how I adored the sun,
I cherished every second,
Every minute of my life,
But soon all of it was meant to change,
When you decided to pass by.

You were the storm in my calm winds,
The lightening that hit me,
The heavy rainfall in a desert,
The hot sun on a rainy day,
You were just impossible,
When we both collided,
It was like the moon met the sun,
The devil and angel had tea together,
It was rather hilarious,
But soon it was going to change,
When you decided it was time to leave.

It was a climax in a movie,
A rollercoaster ride,
The sudden fall,
You feel while you’re asleep,
A turn on a bumpy road,
Swimming in high tides,
Drowning in a bath tub,
Seemed just impossible.

But soon it started to feel good,
As time healed every wound,
Like the first rays of the sun,
A child’s first words,
Ice cream on a cold night,
Hot tea on a rainy day,
Dew drops on the grass,
It was all getting back to normal,
Because all my life,
All I did was move around,
In the wind,
Until you came,
And left,
As I went back to moving around in the wind,
Cherishing every moment,
Only to wonder,
Why did I ever stop?

– Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Something different this time. Hope you guys like it!

And a very (*belated) Happy Independence Day to fellow Indians! It’s been 68 years of Independence. All because of the sacrifice of our great leaders and soldiers. Be proud and grateful for their efforts that we see this day.

Keep smiling☺

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ENGINEERING – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Reblogging because my dear ‘engineering’ students, this is what will make you consider what exactly are you doing? An awesome thought, by a dear friend, Justin Joseph.

mjjustin1's Blog

What was engineering a few years back?
We had excellent teachers, well trained and highly educated. We had a very terrific syllabus. Very few students could manage excellent scores. There were too many failures and a low pass percentage. The best part was , the students used to take up highly innovative projects. They used to work on them and many proved to be successful.
What is the current scenario?
Students attend the college just for the sake of attendance. Scoring marks in the exams has become too easy. Any Tom-Dick and Harry could get a distinction nowadays. The syllabus has changed. It has become less complicated. Nowadays , nobody talks about innovations and scientific discoveries. All they talk about is marks, journal completion, GT, assignments, movies and latest releases. But students do know about the latest technological advancements. If you want to purchase a new laptop or a new…

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Just go on a road trip

To feel the wind gushing through your ears,
To feel the tears falling down your face,
To feel the wind blowing past you,
To clear your head,
Just go on a road trip.

The road will be your companion,
Stop at weird spots,
Click pictures,
In the most ridiculous poses you can think of,
Laugh while driving,
Even have a bike race,
Grin at the people passing by,
Try not to slip,
Just go on a road trip.

Eat the most common dishes,
At the most common places,
Park by the road,
Take the scenery in,
Like its the last thing you’ll ever see,
Make fun of your friends,
Click crazy selfies,
Without a selfie stick,
Don’t loosen your grip,
Just go on a road trip.

Don’t stop,
Because when you’re on the road,
Just driving as the time passes,
It’s like your leaving everything behind,
And just living in the moment,
Without any fear,
Any care,
Any worry,
Just you, some music and the road,
I promise it would be an awesome trip,
If you just go on a road trip.

Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s Note:- Nothing will make you feel as awesome as a road trip!

Keep smiling☺

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Don’t be alone

Shining in the sea is the beauty of the sky,
You can be strong but the world will deny,
Not everyone is out to take you down,
But when you’re down,
Shouldn’t there be someone to hold you?
Don’t be alone,
Even though you’re strong enough,
Never be alone.

Maybe the universe has some other choices for you,
Maybe you’ll move on,
Maybe you’ll never do,
Running through the dark can be scary,
So let someone hold your hand,
To take you to the bright light,
At the end of the tunnel,
Don’t be alone,
Even though you learned to walk on your own,
Never be alone.

There will be times when you can’t get up,
Let someone be the crutches you need so bad,
Sometimes you’ll be falling apart inside,
Let someone hold on to your broken pieces,
Don’t be alone,
Even though you got used to it,
Never be alone.

I know I can’t be your sunrise,
Nor can I shine,
I know I can’t be the savior of your life,
But let me be your companion,
Let me just be by your side,
Don’t be alone,
Even though you want to be,
Never be alone.

Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note:  Some people are strong enough to go through any problem on their own, but sharing it with someone will only make you feel lighter. Don’t be alone. Share what is bugging you. You’ll feel better.😇

Keep smiling☺

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