Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time since we last talked. Hell, its been a long time since we shared glances. Ever since you left for dreamland, its been getting lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I like the space, but I am not used to being alone.

My friends, who were already a handful, have now reduced by one. I now read in silence, as nobody’s as stubborn as you and doesn’t want to read a book on their own. Although I do read to Nunzio sometimes. You remember Nunzio? He’s getting bigger, I can hardly lift him anymore. He misses you.

Tell me how things are for you? Did you find a new cafe to hangout at? How are the people? How’s work? Ugh, there’s so much to know! I really wished you’d call though. Mum’s been asking about you. Don’t worry, I told her you’re doing good, just busy. She misses you too, you know?

If we didn’t have a fall out, maybe you’d actually call sometime. Maybe you did call. Maybe the blank call I got at 2 in the morning was you. Or just some random drunk call. I guess I’ll never know. It’s fine, I understand. I hope you’re good. I hope the city’s treating you right. I’m writing today to let you know how things have changed ever since you left, but still somehow managed to stay the same. I do all the things that I did when you were around, its just not the same without you. I wish you the best and I just want you to know, I miss you.




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