Power of Spoken Words

Often in our day-to-day life it happens that our patience level runs low, and we make stupid decisions. May them be taking our rage on the first thing our eyes set on or……. the one I just mentioned. According to me this is the only possible stupid thing we do when we are blinded by anger, right? Unless, you kill someone in that rage, but that would be an article on totally different topic.
Words have power. Power which can literally change anything. You might say words are like a gun. Once you pull the trigger, there’s no coming back. A bullet will leave a scar, which eventually will fade. But once you attack someone with your words, those scars stay forever.  We are often not in our correct state of mind when we are angry. Our brain shuts down and all you see is RED! But let me tell you one thing, that’s no excuse for your choice of words. You can’t undo what you said.
I’m pretty sure every one of you has been through this. Either you are the person who fires those cruel words or the victim upon whom they rain. Sometimes we are genuinely sorry for the way we acted, and sometimes we intentionally use our words to hurt someone. If the case is the latter one, then you’re an asshole. Don’t ever use your words to hurt someone intentionally!
Yes you are angry and out of your mind, but calm down and think. Is it really going to be worth it? Let me give my example, my mother and I don’t see eye to eye on some of the things. It results in quarrels or as it happens most of the times, me making some wrong choice of words. It ends the argument, but I feel pretty terrible after that. Humans don’t like feeling terrible. But my mother always forgive me, because she loves me. But just imagine, if one day she decides she’s fed up of my attitude and ignores me which would literally break my heart in two. Now that would make me regret my choice of words, won’t it?
Yeah maybe sometimes it’s okay to use our words in a harsh way, as a tit for tat, for someone who belittles you or treats you unfairly. I mean, I’m no expert, but I’ve feelings. Like each and every one of you, I’d get pretty pissed off too if someone was being rude to me without any of my fault. In that case, we can use our words to show them where they are going wrong.
Kind words are music to ears. While harsh and insulting are the ones that people despair. Also our tone in which we let our words out matters too. Encouraging and praising words can do others a lot good.
Humans are sensitive creatures. They don’t like when others treat them low or insult them. We all should be wise, and use our words in such a way that won’t harm anyone. Or to be more clear, words that encourages people and make them feel good about themselves.
After all we live in a world, which is full of truth, lies, good, bad, wonderful and terrible things. If only our choice of words can brighten up even a single person’s day? I’d say you’re doing it right.

– Prajakta Dengale

Note: Hope you guys liked it. There may be some inactivity here due to some educational purposes. So till then….

Keep smiling!☺

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  1. Aamir · November 6, 2015

    Once again an excellent blog..
    Well written.

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · November 6, 2015

      Thanks a lot!😊


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