Sweet and Sour

You were my best friend when we were kids,
Even your friends were mine,
Blame it on my awkwardness,
But I could never make friends easily as you could,
I always adored that about you,
We have had our share of fights,
Some were hard,
And left us both frustrated,
But we always made up,
I guess that’s a ‘sibling thing’,
I hope it stays forever,
Forever for us to cherish.

You taught me all the cool things,
To watch anime and how to throw a ball,
You taught me how to punch,
And even punched me when I was small,
You introduced me to Akon and Eminem,
The WWE fights we watched together,
You did the perfect impression of Boogie Man,
That always made me crack up,
Remember the Summer noons we spent playing Carrom,
Lying on the cool floor covered with blankets,
That was our Summertime memories,
Geez we need to do it again,
I like how you blast Metallica in the speakers when we are home,
These small things only made me like and hate you at the same time,
The sweet and sour relation we still share to this day,
I’ll cherish it forever.

You never let me change the channel when you watched TV,
Smoke will come out of my ears,
As I stomped my way to Mother,
Only to be told to be the bigger guy,
You’ll always find your way,
Whenever I have a problem,
You are my guy,
Who gives me the solution,
Before going to anyone,
I come to you,
I like making you proud,
All my friends have younger siblings,
But I’m proud to have you,
Being the elder one,
You didn’t have anyone,
Like I have you,
But you turned out just fine,
And made us proud,
Now you’re working,
We meet once in a few months,
When a few years ago we couldn’t spend a few days apart,
Ah, the sibling love we had,
When did we grow up?
Time went too fast for us to cherish every moment,
But there are memories still in our heart,
Nothing can erase them,
Because this sweet and sour relation that we share to this day,
I know I’ll cherish it forever.

-Prajakta Dengale

Writer’s note: Wishing my brother a very Happy Birthday! I hope this little something makes your day!
And I also hope I let all you guys remember your siblings after reading this! If you did, don’t forget to let your sibling know you love them!

Keep smiling☺!

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  1. aamir bombaywala · October 7, 2015


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    • goldheartedbluegirl · October 7, 2015



  2. mjjustin1 · October 7, 2015


    Happy Birthday to ur Brother….

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · October 7, 2015

      Thanks from both of us!😇


  3. casanovaboy99 · October 21, 2015

    Nice poemed memories

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