ENGINEERING – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Reblogging because my dear ‘engineering’ students, this is what will make you consider what exactly are you doing? An awesome thought, by a dear friend, Justin Joseph.

mjjustin1's Blog

What was engineering a few years back?
We had excellent teachers, well trained and highly educated. We had a very terrific syllabus. Very few students could manage excellent scores. There were too many failures and a low pass percentage. The best part was , the students used to take up highly innovative projects. They used to work on them and many proved to be successful.
What is the current scenario?
Students attend the college just for the sake of attendance. Scoring marks in the exams has become too easy. Any Tom-Dick and Harry could get a distinction nowadays. The syllabus has changed. It has become less complicated. Nowadays , nobody talks about innovations and scientific discoveries. All they talk about is marks, journal completion, GT, assignments, movies and latest releases. But students do know about the latest technological advancements. If you want to purchase a new laptop or a new…

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