Doesn’t Matter

All at once,
Maybe sometime later,
Everything falls into place,
For now nothing seems right,
But as long as your heart is pure,
Doesn’t matter if the outer beauty is not.

How many days will you hide?
In your own bubble of comfort,
The world is deprived of your talent,
If you stay inside,
Someone will never see it,
But as long as you do come out,
Doesn’t matter when it will be.

You are innocent,
Even a good person,
A sudden incident doesn’t change who you are,
If it’s embarrassing,
Ignore it,
But as long as you don’t change,
Doesn’t matter if other’s think you do.

Every success your way,
Defines you,
But a sudden change in path,
Doesn’t make you much of a failure,
A true person won’t stop there,
So as long as you dodge every problem,
Doesn’t matter if you fail once.

We say never to judge a book by its cover,
But to some people the cover is what matters the most,
We don’t have to say it,
But the stars don’t stop shinning if no one appreciates them,
So as long as your inside is full of light,
Doesn’t matter if it takes sometime for it to shine.

We look around,
Gaze quietly at the crowd,
There are many people there,
Of various minds, hearts and thoughts,
But we catch the glimpse of those,
Who are just as us,
So as long as you make an effort to see,
Doesn’t matter if your the weird one,
There is always someone for you.

Going through emotions,
High or low,
People looking at you differently,
Is it even true?
Do they even know?
Then why bother?
For as long as you walk with your head held high,
Doesn’t matter if there’s a bunch of them out there,
Trying to bring you to your knees.

So take your chances,
Climb the mountains,
Swim deep in the sea,
Dream big,
Because for as long as you keep on doing something,
Doesn’t matter if the result shows right now or later,
I’m pretty sure it will always show up,
Because life is just epic that way.

Prajakta Dengale

Keep smiling ☺

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  1. Tanvi Mehta · July 5, 2015

    True.. Let you inner self crawl out πŸ™‚
    Keep going Prajakta !

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 5, 2015

      Hehe yeah. Thanks Tanvi! You too!😊


  2. Lakshmi Ilanko · July 5, 2015

    Well written..

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 5, 2015

      Lakshmi I knew you’ll get it😊😘


  3. mjjustin1 · July 5, 2015

    I tried so hard….
    And got so far….
    But in the end..
    It doesn’t even matter…..

    Nice one….

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 5, 2015

      Very nice Justin!πŸ‘Œ
      And thanks a lotπŸ˜‡


    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 5, 2015

      Linkin ParkπŸ™Œ


  4. aamir bombaywala · July 5, 2015

    Nice one..
    Inner peace is all what matters!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • goldheartedbluegirl · July 5, 2015

      Thanks AamirπŸ˜‡


  5. Abhishek · July 5, 2015

    Nice one…😊


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